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Beat the Bucket


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Beat the Bucket is a great alternative to a dunk tank! As one volunteer stands behind they unit, they swing an arm to try to stop the balls being thrown and two targets. 

The unit is completly automated! Once the target is hit, the bucket dunks water on the person standing behind the unit. The bucket then automatically resets, refills and then lights a signal light that the unit is ready to dunk the next person! Water from a regular outdoor faucet must be connect during the use of Beat the Bucket. No electricity is needed, the unit is battery operated and the batterys are included with your rental. 

Only the supplied soft balls that are provided are allowed to be used on Beat the Bucket as harder balls would destroy the electronics built into the unit.

Setup area: 30 feet deep by 15 feet wide
 Renter must provide a hose reaching from a working faucet to the setup area
Monitors: 1 Adult must monitor play at all times 
Outlets: No power is required 

Not Collapsable

One adult, that you provide, must monitor play on the dunk tank at all times and enforce rules provided by Parties Inc.

Onlly one person is to throw balls at a time. 

Not Collapsable

Renter is responsible for providing a hose that is long enough to reach the setup area of the dunk tank alternative. This dunk tank alternative can be set up on grass, a drive way, school black top, or other flat outdoor surface. Set up area must be clear of debris and animal droppings and a clear flat path to the setup area must be available. Our dunk tank is continously hooked up to the water source while in use. 

Not Collapsable

Set up in a park requires permission from the park. Many parks do not allow water games. A copy of the permit that shows approval of the game needs to be provided at the time of reservation. 

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