Mad Dash Interactive Game

Mad Dash Interactive Game


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Our Mad Dash game is an interactive challenge that will keep your guests moving. Two teams complete against the clock to see who can get the highest score. Teams can be made up of just one player for a one on one competition, or you can add more players for additional fun!

Mad Dash uses an interactive game system with pucks that light up and are hit when your team's color lights. Pucks are attached to cones to create a playing field that can be configured in many different patterns. 

Setup area: A flat area that is at least 20 feet by 20 feet
 Cones are two feet tall
Monitors: 1 Adult must monitor play at all times 
Outlets: No power is needed

One attendant must monitor play at all times.

Players seperate in to two teams. Each teams chooses which color they will be. When the game starts, players rush to touch their team color that will light up on the top of the 10 cones. The team with the most hits wins. 

The operator is responsible for:

  • Seperating players in to two teams. A minimum of 2 players can play and up to 6 players. 
  • Assuring that there is no physical contact between players.
  • That players are not abusing the game system or cones and that cones are not moved away from the game area.

This game can be set up on grass, a drive way, school black top, or inside a gym, as long as it is a flat surface. No power is needed.

Set up in a park may require permission from the park. Please check with the park prior to placing your reservation. Renting party is responsible for the securing the game at all times and remaining with the equipment until our staff returns to pick up.

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